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About Us

About Us – Fat Free Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and provides kitchen exhaust cleaning services to central Florida. We are a owner operated business. Our main office is in North Forth Myers, Florida and our branch office is in Tampa, Florida.

Why Choose Fat Free?

  • Qualified and certified cleaners
  • $3M liability insurance
  • Computerized tracking and scheduling
  • Photographic verification of service
  • Live person availability 24/7
  • Fully equipped service trucks
  • Over 30 years experience meeting customer needs

Questions you should ask your hood cleaning company

How long has the company been in business?

Fat Free Systems has been in business for over 28 years and knows what it takes to remain in business by having professional crews.

Are they a Certified Company?

We are a Certified Company who follows the strict guidelines of the NFPA 96 standard.

Does the Company know what the NFPA code is and how to properly clean to code?

As a Certified Company we are thoroughly tested on the entire NFPA 96 standard, OSHA standards, and Mechanical codes. The NFPA 96 standard simply states that the hood exhaust system is to be cleaned from the hood area through the ducts to the fan system. By having these codes in place, we are able to thoroughly clean the area and prevent horrible accidents, such as fire.

What Insurance Coverage do they have? Insurance such as liability, workers compensation or automobile?

We currently have $3,000,000 of liability, workers compensation, and automobile insurance.

What reliable references do they have?

It would be an honor to provide anyone with our references.

Does the Company offer open billing terms?

If your company qualifies we will be happy to offer open billing terms.

Is the Company uniformed for security purposes?

Our uniforms include but not limited to: protective hats, printed shirts with logo, gauntlet gloves, and water proof boots.

What kind of scheduling system do they offer to keep track of your personal services?

We use a computer tracking program in Outlook that keeps accurate information about when your company is due for service. We call you so you don’t have to worry about when it is time to clean.

Is the Company familiar with your system and where available access is?

At Fat Free Systems we have tracking files that indicate to our staffed crew where your overhead ducting runs, where your clean-out areas are and any other information that is essential to cleaning your system properly and promptly.

Does the Company offer multiple staffed crews to ensure prompt scheduling and appointment times?

We always try to send at least two staff members with two pressure washers to do the job. Besides the fact that it could be dangerous to send only one person to do this type of job it could also take twice as long to complete the job with only one person.

We don’t want to be an inconvenience to you, therefore we want to have the job done efficiently.

Does the Company clean equipment and HVAC systems?

We will give you a quote for any kind of cleaning needs you may have that we currently offer.

Can the Company repair fans properly?

We have a fan repair man available to make repairs. Also our staffed crews are equipped with tools and testers that are necessary to make on-the-spot repairs if needed.

Does the Company offer other services? Such as stainless steel filter exchange, equipment cleaning, fan repairs, roof top grease protection, air duct cleaning, and/or grease trap cleaning?

We do offer many services and the ones provide are just a few. Remember when receiving a bill check to see what you are actually paying for. Some companies only quote hood cleaning while we quote the whole package. Be aware of what exactly you are paying for.

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