Rooftop Grease Containment & Servicing

Problem Fan

Grease and oil that is allowed to run onto the roof surface is a serious problem that needs to be stopped before it ruins your roof.

Exhaust fans draw oil laden air from the canopy hood over the cooking appliances. The oily air is flung against the fan shrouds from the spinning fan blades where it condenses and runs to the point easiest exit. Most of the time that is a drain spout that channels it to a collection box where it is held for disposal. These collection boxes are fine if they are maintained in a timely manner. Maintenance should involve removing old grease and oil then installing a sorbet material that will absorb oil yet let water pass through. Otherwise water that runs into the box when it rains will displace the oil until the box’s capacity is exceeded, allowing oil to run onto the roof surface.

Older fans that have lost the ability to channel water to a collection box require roof top protection in the form of a box or retainer system to hold sorbet material in place around the base of the fan curb. These systems require replacement service of the pads on a predetermined interval.

Fat Free Systems offers services for these systems at a very reasonable cost. Contact us with your needs so we may quote you a rate.