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Kitchen Exhaust Vent System Cleaning

Dirty ducts retain fuel load. Unlike most hood cleaners Fat Free Cleans Ducts. Click here to find out how often your system should be cleaned

Grease Filter Rental Exchange Program

(Fort Myers Only) Tired of maintaining your grease filters? Our technician will exchange them on a predetermined interval. Click to learn more about renting filters

Kitchen Air Diagnostics and Balancing

Unbalanced kitchen air flow can be costing you unnecessary expense and employee health issues. Expensive conditioned air can be going up the stacks. Click here to learn more about kitchen air balancing

Exhaust Fan Repair

When your fan is down you need it up and running as soon as possible. We offer 7-days-a-week repair service, free belt replacement (within our service area), and offer new and rental fans to get you up and running quickly. Click here to learn more about exhaust fan repair

Rooftop Grease Containment and Servicing

Fat Free Systems has all the necessary collection boxes, containment systems, and sorbets to keep grease off your expensive roof. Learn more about rooftop grease containment

Equipment Cleaning and Reconditioning

Most commercial kitchen fires (Nearly 10,000 a year as reported by the NFPA) begin in or on dirty kitchen equipment. We dismantle, thoroughly clean and reassemble equipment. We also clean entire kitchens. Click here to learn more about equipment cleaning

Fan Maintenance and Service

If your fan shuts down, your kitchen shuts down! Fan maintenance helps prevent untimely fan failures and keeps the fan operating at peak efficiency. Learn more about fan maintenance

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